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What does G&S do?

The  G&S Technology  Group is a full-service , professional  IT-Information Technology staffing / recruiting firm specializing in the recruitment and placement of technology  professionals at our various clients.

We also place CS- Creative Service professionals thru our G&S Digital division. We have partnered with countless firms like yours helping to staff the best IT-Technology and CS-Creative Services talent. Please view our client testimonials.

Clients of G&S  experience a full-service partner with a flexible business model that can be customized to meet any staffing requirement.

What are the core specialty practice areas of G&S?

G&S specializes in two core practice areas

  1. IT-Information Technology
  2. CS-Creative Services

Unlike other staffing firms who attempt to staff multiple disciplines and become known as a “jack of all trades” in the staffing industry, G&S only focuses on our expertise and we have become EXPERTS in our core practice areas.

What is the difference between The G&S Technology Group and The G&S Digital Group?

The  G&S Technology  Group is a full-service , professional  IT-Information Technology recruiting firm specializing in the placement of IT or Technology professionals at our various clients.

Our G&S Digital division is also a full service recruiting firm specializing in the placement of CS or Creative Service professionals. We have partnered with hundreds of firms like yours helping to staff open positions with top talented professionals.

What industries does G&S serve?

G&S serves a large array of industries, including but not limited to Software Development, Financial Services, Investment Banking, Manufacturing, Advertising-Media-Marketing-Communications  and many global AM100 and 200 Law Firms. Over the years there have been very few industries that G&S has not served. Our client companies are some of the largest, most prestigious in the industry and span a wide range of practice areas, market sectors, specialties and industries from startups to Fortune 500.  

What cities does G&S place candidates in?

Our roots and focus are in the tri-state area—New York , New Jersey and Connecticut However, due to our rapid growth as well as our client’s mergers ,acquisitions and expansion of regional branch offices-, G&S is now nation-wide, placing candidates all over the country. 

My firm has a regional office in another state, Can G&S assist us with our staffing?

Yes, G&S can assist in filling your staffing requirements anywhere in the country.

What services does G&S provide?

Please see our Staffing Solutions page for a more detailed description. G&S provides staffing solutions for all of your hiring needs.

  • Permanent-Full Time- Direct Hire –Contingency staffing
  • Temp to Perm -Right to Hire or Try Buy staffing
  • Consultants-Contractors-Freelancers-Temps staffing
  • Retained Search 
  • Payroll Services
What is the fee or cost of using G&S?

For Permanent-Full Time- Direct Hire- G&S offers a traditional 90 day guarantee Our fee structure is highly competitive. Our Temp to Perm, Contract-Consulting, Freelance and Payroll Service rates –are extremely competitive as well.

Our unique employee search and placement approach has delivered consistent and proven results. Many clients have chosen to work exclusively with G&S for all of their staffing needs. We are so confident in our staffing approach that we offer one of the most competitive job placement guarantees in the industry. Our goal is to make sure clients are completely satisfied with the unique staffing solutions we offer.

Please contact us for fee and rate quotes.

Does G&S provide Payroll Services

Yes, Payroll Management Solutions from G&S will free your company from administrative burdens as well as legal obligations of payroll processing.

What positions can G&S help my firm fill?

So many! Click here for more detailed information. 

Why should I use the services of G&S for my staffing requirements?

Acquiring top talent today is not an easy task. We are recognized as an industry leader and have the top search and staffing specialists in the country, along with a robust and integrated recruiting organization. We are uniquely positioned to handle your search and staffing needs. Our success has been based upon the simple fact that “Talent attracts Talent”

Why Utilize A Search Firm?

Today's business environment is complex, competitive, and ever changing. Businesses that can consistently recruit the best people not only thrive, but survive in uncertain times.

Consider the following as you contemplate engaging a search firm:

Search Consultants reach beyond the low-hanging fruit. 
Much of the top talent is very happy with their current position. They simply are not spending the time looking for a new job – they are dedicating their time to performance. A Search Consultant’s skill is in sourcing the right candidate, not the most available candidate! There are no shortcuts. The only way to consistently hire the most talented people is to find all of them and then approach each of them. An effective Search Consultant will do this by making thousands of phone calls and connecting deep within a network that is painstakingly built.

Search Consultants are Experts
Think about the amount of time it takes for your managers to surface, screen, interview, negotiate, and hire the best potential candidate. A Search Consultant is an expert with a proven process, resources, and a team to support them. They search, screen, qualify, and present only those candidates who meet the predetermined requirements saving you and your company substantial time and energy.

A Search Consultant is a third party negotiator acting on your behalf
Many times a hiring manager is left to guess what is motivating a candidate. A candidate is much more likely to tell a Search Consultant why they would consider making a career move. The recruiter acts as a third party negotiator concentrating on bringing the two parties to a mutually benefiting relationship. What’s more, their reputation is reliant upon their ability to clear red flags, ask tough questions and mitigate risks to ensure both parties are making a good decision. The best candidates can be recruited by the combined efforts of a Search Consultant and a successful hiring manager.

Nobody knows the marketplace better than a Search Consultant
A Search Consultant works all day talking to hundreds of people. They know your competitors. They know who’s doing the business and who is not. They know what it would take to recruit a key player from your competition, but most of all they know how to help you keep your key players on your team.

A Search Consultant casts a larger net
Companies tend to advertise locally, therefore, usually attracting local talent. Advertising is not cheap and to advertise in multiple locations could be as costly as paying a Search Firm. A Search Consultant will stay local, if needed, or go out as far as necessary to find the best possible candidate.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you an expert at finding, attracting and hiring top talent?
  • What does it cost your organization in terms of productivity, reputation, morale, etc. to have key positions vacant?
  • How much time and or money will your business save by using a Search Firm?
  • What does it truly cost you to self perform this function?
  • Do you have anything to lose by working with a Search Firm on a Contingent basis?

Many business leaders find the employee search and placement process to be time-intensive and challenging. Employers also experience disappointment when they’ve hired an employee who just doesn’t end up working out. The primary benefit of using staffing services is that professional employment agencies manage the entire employee search, screening and placement process so employers can get back their business. 

G&S candidate placement process ensures that we find skilled talent with the right qualifications whose professional objectives align with a client company’s goals. With the help of a staffing company like G&S, employers can save time and money and eliminate the guesswork in finding the best candidate for the job.

How many companies use staffing services?

A fact sheet from American Staffing Association in 2008 showed approximately 90% to 95% of large companies use staffing services. The larger the company, the more likely it is to engage employment agencies for staffing solutions. Additional data from ASA report 80% of staffing clients say staffing agencies offer effective ways to find skilled professionals who have the potential to become full-time employees.

Why do companies contract specialized staff?

Companies of all sizes in both private and public sectors need services and resources that fall outside of their team's expertise. In addition, a contract employee can assist with a comprehensive project for a specified amount of time. Consultative staffing firms have the tools necessary to help businesses discover the talent they need in order to supplement a company’s regular workforce.

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