Why Partner With Us?

We are a leader in our space – IT-Information Technology and CS-Creative Services.  This is our sole focus.  We know the industry.  We speak the language.  We know your competition. 

Our success has been based upon the simple fact that “Talent attracts Talent”

At G&S, our clients' needs are our needs. Our passion is to provide a level of service that exceeds expectations and consistently delivers talent that positively impacts our clients' business finding them the “game changers” and “impact players.”

We also know there are no short cuts in this business.  We know how to find the best candidates IN the market, not the best candidates ON the market.  We know who they are, why they are comfortable in their current job and what it takes to entice them with your opportunity.

Effective hiring is a Process, not a Journey. 

Unsure about how our process works? Wondering what our services entail and how The G&S Technology Group and The G&S Digital Group can take over stressful searches? You need the right fit, but where do you find talent that fits your culture AND skill set? We can help. Visit our Staffing Solutions page for more information. 


Our reputation for being honest, ethical, fair, and professional is stellar in the recruitment industry. Our team has decades of unmatched experience. We are a partner, and a resource. We constantly monitor industry trends, trade publications and attend relevant seminars and annual meetings. Since we partner with industry leaders, we are constantly engaged with the best of the best with an inside scoop. We search, screen, qualify, and present only those candidates who meet the predetermined requirements saving you and your company substantial time and energy.

Proactive Process

We take pride in our relationships with clients. Our goal is to anticipate their needs, sometimes before any jobs are available.

We stay informed. The industries are changing more every year. By staying on top of industry standards and trends, we are armed with power to negotiate appropriately. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an agreement where everybody wins? That’s our goal. 

Signature Service

Our entire team is at your service. We are here for your last minute or long-term needs. The greatest part is that our partnership is ongoing. We don’t walk away once the placement is complete. The G&S Technology Group and The G&S Digital Group is committed to meet your ongoing staffing needs. We value lasting relationships, and look forward to connecting whenever you need us.

Passive Candidates

Much of the top talent is very happy with their current position. They simply are not spending the time looking for a new job – they are dedicating their time to performance. A Search Consultant’s skill is in sourcing the right candidate, not the most available candidate. There are no shortcuts. The only way to consistently hire the most talented people is to seek them out and recruit them for a career improvement. An effective Search Consultant will do this by making thousands of phone calls and connecting deep within their network that is painstakingly built.


"Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate." - John F. Kennedy

This is a key piece in a successful placement. A candidate is often open and honest with a recruiter. Armed with this information, a recruiter acts as a third party negotiator concentrating on bringing the two parties to a mutually beneficial relationship. What’s more, their reputation is reliant upon their ability to clear red flags, ask tough questions and mitigate risks to ensure both parties are making a good decision. The best candidates can be recruited by the combined efforts of a Search Consultant and a successful hiring manager.

Cast A Wider Net

In today’s world, advertising is everywhere. However, advertising can get costly. When your advertising plan extends into other cities, or multiple locations…you could blow the budget. Often times, it could become more costly than paying a search firm.  Having a well connected, experienced search consultant broadens your scope. Our recruiters will stay local, if needed, or reach out as far as necessary to find the best possible candidate.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you an expert at finding, attracting and hiring top talent?
  • What does it cost your organization in terms of productivity, reputation, morale, etc. to have key positions vacant?
  • How much time and or money will your business save by using a search firm?
  • What does it truly cost you to self perform this function?
  • Do you have anything to lose by working with a search firm on a contingent basis? 

Ready to find your next hire?

We’re ready when you are. Let us provide the details of our services and customize a solution to meet your specific needs. Contact us or submit our online request form.

  • Direct Hire--Full Time-Permanent Employment -Contingency Search
  • Temp to Perm - Right to Hire or Try Buy
  • Consultants- Contractors, Free-lancers or Temps
  • Retained Search
  • Payroll Services
  • Visit our Staffing Solutions page for more info on each of these.

At G&S--We Put Our Reputation on the Line with Every Placement We Make